Drama of 2016

Hello bloggy and Zombies out there! I know it’s so outdated to talk about Drama of 2016. (where have you been nci hello?). But my fingers are itching to write about it anyway. 2016 was a hella hectic year in every aspects, be it my life comedy-drama  or Korean Drama, thank God i survived :)….

Be Well, Choi Seunghyun😭

As a long time VIP, i’m feeling so sad over the news about TOP that escalated sooo quickly. I mean he was wrong, he did the weed but who am I to judge. Why people you’re so cruel ;( I mean the media is seriously……..ah. Me, in the middle of nowhere, asking myself about humanity…

Final UCL 2017

Ceritanya nanti malem final nih, Juve-Madrid. Berhubung nggak ngedukung keduanya, jadi nci berusaha untuk seobjektif mungkin pas nonton. Kalo dari perkiraan line-up sih yg rame di Juve harusnya Buffon-Bonucci-Dybala. Auk sih mereka mau ngapain, tergantung Ronnie zig zagnya oke atau nggak entar malem. Madrid mah nggausa ditanya, belakangan ini nci cuma denger berita bagus doang…

New Money of Serie A

Gotta give my seven-not-two cents for the upcoming season of Serie A (Milan is my greatest concern). As a fan, i’m desperate enough, wishing for Donnie’s future with Milan. Go Yuan, you’ll be able to make it come true! Oh, and please give Mr. Monte a good bucks for summer window transfer! We need to…

04-04-04, Ofo-ofo-ofo♧

I can barely contain my excitement for Winner’s 04-04-04 comeback! The teaser’s sounds so new for me who have been a long time regular listener of them. But i’m up for everysound of them! Can’t wait to hear the rest of Fool and Really Really 😆

Happy Wedding!

For my blak-blakan friend, Dea. It was weird, the first time you said “iya anjir mau nikah, trus punya anak kembar.” Twins, triplet? Go for it. It was always you who babysit my siblings. Count it as your learning process :p i could only thank you for making my childhood easier, hahaha this is coming…


Jadi hari ini dunia berita sedang ramai karena beberapa hal. Heboh impeachment-nya Mrs. Park, mega korupsi E-KTP, Pak Owi ngeteh bareng Pepo Beye, sampe Barca menang lawan PSG. Hot news Indonesia minggu ini adalah mega skandal korupsi E-KTP. Dari namanya aja udah menggelegar banget coy. Yang berhasil bikin melongo dan tercengang sambil ngomong ‘anjaaaaay’ adalah…

Taeyeon’s My Voice Review

  For those who have been waiting for Taeyeon’s first solo album, I am going to say CONGRATULATIONS! We’ve been blessed by My Voice ☺ It look likes In Taeyeon We Trust is something we should start to trust from now on. The album is lit I tell ya. The Yellowish Cover is cute (so is…

Strong Woman Do Boong-soon

Drama yang bercerita tentang seorang cewek imut mungil nan kecil berkekuatan super dan cinta bertepuk sebelah tangan sebelah tembok dengan genre romcom ini disiarkan oleh JTBC di hari Jumat & Sabtu. Slotnya mirip sama Goblin. Main castnya ada Park Bo-young (PBY), Park Hyung-shik (PHS), dan Ji-soo (JS). Pertama kali lihat berita casting-nya di Dramabeans dan…


Am waiting patiently for BIGBANG comeback this December, upcoming Mr. Watson and Mr. Holmes’s lil journey, and……………………………………..Kemenpan’s announcement on government official selection. Come faster, please? 🙂


  Just why are you so sweet? ❤    

Whatta Man

Not particularly all-love-and-rainbow of him, but he is becoming more and more neuroticly sexy. Whatta Man!