New Money of Serie A

Gotta give my seven-not-two cents for the upcoming season of Serie A (Milan is my greatest concern). As a fan, i’m desperate enough, wishing for Donnie’s future with Milan. Go Yuan, you’ll be able to make it come true!

Oh, and please give Mr. Monte a good bucks for summer window transfer! We need to prepare for the future Champions League #ngarep #doa

Hiro’s lil’ prayer: How about Griezmann, Mr. Li?

Overall the league still needs better dynamic teams (gosh always the same problem). Even Juve (oit, not gonna pray you a good match next leg of CL, you’re in my Neu’s way!) is still having their old ways of i-am-a-good-god-of-defensive-player (tapi kemaren bagus sih pas lawan Muench).

Last night derbie (hush hush Inter^^) left me an ultimate hope that Milan’s going to the right direction. We simply neeed to maximize the upcoming surge of New Money. Amen!

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