Taeyeon’s My Voice Review



For those who have been waiting for Taeyeon’s first solo album, I am going to say CONGRATULATIONS! We’ve been blessed by My Voice ☺ It look likes In Taeyeon We Trust is something we should start to trust from now on.

The album is lit I tell ya. The Yellowish Cover is cute (so is Taeyeon’s face 🙂 ). The songs successfully show us Taeyeon’s wide range of musicality and her diversify ability to sing from ballad to electro-pop. Here is the tracklist for My Voice album:

  1. Fine
  2. Cover Up
  3. Feel So Fine
  4. I Got Love
  5. I`m OK
  6. Time Lapse
  7. Sweet Love
  8. When I Was Young
  9. Lonely Night
  10. Love in Color
  11. Fire
  12. Eraser
  13. Time to Walk through Memories (CD Only)

It’s gonna be a post that shows my rambling of how awesome this album is, so I’m going to apologize first.

I Got Love is the pre-release song for this album. The song is not really my cup of tea but the MV and the genre of this song, an R&B mid-tempo sound, successfully show me that Taeyeon, Leader of Girls’ Generation is truly a versatile singer.

Fine is the title track for this album, though I bet that Taeyeon may find it a lil’ bit hard to choose a title track cause every song in the album deserve an attention. It starts with an acoustic guitar and has that folksy feeling and from mid to end, the track is full with Taeyeon’s high voice . Overall the song is nice and has that public friendly tune that could win over public attention.

Cover Up is a catchy electro-pop song that will be fun to dance along in your home. The ballad song Love in Color is a song that blend nicely Taeyeon’s powerful voice and the piano instrument.  Eraser is a unique song featuring Taeyon’s rap in the middle of the song, you literally can tap your feet and fingers through the song. Time Lapse has that rock&ballad-ish feeling that i love to hear. Taeyeon’s voice feels so sweet and out of world especially in this song. It will be a powerful and hard song to sing in live performance but i really, really want to hear it live even just for once.  These four are my ultimate bops from the album.

I’m Ok, Lonely Night, and Sweet Love are songs that would really suit cafe, so restauran-able and blend really well with the background. Feel So Fine is an energetic songs which is great to start your day. When I Was Young and Time to Walk through Memories are ballad songs with sad vibes that will make you a little emotional. Fire is a nice love song with cheesy lyrics (for me), but could be really sweet for everyone who sought sweet lyrics.

Overall, My Voice is a visually great album full of nice and catchy songs that whispering cutely in your mind to buy them physically (I’m considering it myself). It’s an awesome album with heterogenous genres to fit your mood. My all time favorite track is Eraser, what’s yours?

Happy listening, you can buy the album digitally on ITunes or Melon. Hurry up! 🙂