Happy Wedding!

For my blak-blakan friend, Dea.

It was weird, the first time you said “iya anjir mau nikah, trus punya anak kembar.” Twins, triplet? Go for it.

It was always you who babysit my siblings. Count it as your learning process :p i could only thank you for making my childhood easier, hahaha this is coming from my deepest heart.

Congratulation for your wedding! Wish you a happy and blissful marriage life ♡


Jadi hari ini dunia berita sedang ramai karena beberapa hal. Heboh impeachment-nya Mrs. Park, mega korupsi E-KTP, Pak Owi ngeteh bareng Pepo Beye, sampe Barca menang lawan PSG.

Hot news Indonesia minggu ini adalah mega skandal korupsi E-KTP. Dari namanya aja udah menggelegar banget coy. Yang berhasil bikin melongo dan tercengang sambil ngomong ‘anjaaaaay’ adalah jumlah uang yang dikorupsiin. 2.3 triliun, dan adek gue saking nggak pahamnya sampe bilang “itu duit segitu cara makannya langsung ditelen kali yak gausah diemut dulu?” Kalo diitung itu hampir 40% ddari nilai anggaran 5.9 triliun……..the heck. Wajar kalo lembar dakwaannya setinggi 2.6 meter, dan gak heran blangko buat bikin E-KTP abis dimana-mana, blangkonya dimakan ternyata. Beberapa bulan kedepan media pasti akan tetap ramai akan hal ini so brace your innocent eyes&ears and let the scandal unfold, everybodeh! Semoga setelah terungkapnya kasus ini semua orang bisa semakin sadar akan bahaya korupsi dan Indonesia menjadi lebih transparan&bersih. 🙂

Ku mau ucapin selamat dulu buat Pepo Beye. Akhirnya ya Pepo ketemu juga sama Pak Owi. Semoga abis ini nggak galau lagi ya di tuitter, amen. Kalo dari press conference-nya doi bilang udah lega akhirnya bisa ketemu Pak Owi. Semoga sesi curhatnya menuntaskan segala yang mengganjal di hati. Diriku sebagai warga Indonesia hanya bisa berharap kedamaian untuk semua pihak dan  semoga toleransi selalu diterapkan di segala lini kehidupan.

Beralih ke Park Geun-hye. Seperti biasanya nci buka trio news sites di pagi hari dan berita ini jadi headline Naver dimanapun sejauh mata memandang. Since about November the Ginseng Country’s hot with corruption scandal led by Mrs. Ex-Pres’s cult-shaman-leader-bestfriend, Mrs. Choi. The actual story’s kind of absurrrrd & irrational, it’s sad. Today the court unanimously voted to impeach Park Geun-hye, she’s officially removed from Blue House and now SK has 60 days to elect a new leader. It’ll gonna be a tough 60 days but everyone, Himnae! ^^

Lain cerita pas ngomongin Liga Champions. Kemenangan Barca semalem (6-1 loh wkwk) emang bisa dibilang cukup epik. Ya gimana nggak epik, di leg pertama Barca udah ditinggalin sama PSG 4-0 pas main di stadion PSG. Nci yang nonton aja udah ancang-ancang kayaknya Muenchen bakalan ketemu PSG. Tapi namanya juga bola, bunder, suka-suka dia aja mau ngegelindingnya kemana, ye nggak wkwkwk. Pas nonton sebenernya nci rada keuheul sih sama Om Wasit, dia kayaknya terlalu baik hati ala-ala fairy gitu, lenient banget nggak ke Barca nggak ke PSG walopun kalo diitung-itung banyakan Barca yang diuntungin.

Semoga berita-berita dahsyat minngu ini menjadi pembelajaran buat hidup yang singkat ini, bahwa bola benar-benar bundar, bukan elips maupun gepeng, sehingga kita akan lebih hati-hati lagi sebagai gelandang akan mengarahkan kemana bola yang kita miliki biar nggak salah arah. Happy weekend! 🙂

Taeyeon’s My Voice Review



For those who have been waiting for Taeyeon’s first solo album, I am going to say CONGRATULATIONS! We’ve been blessed by My Voice ☺ It look likes In Taeyeon We Trust is something we should start to trust from now on.

The album is lit I tell ya. The Yellowish Cover is cute (so is Taeyeon’s face 🙂 ). The songs successfully show us Taeyeon’s wide range of musicality and her diversify ability to sing from ballad to electro-pop. Here is the tracklist for My Voice album:

  1. Fine
  2. Cover Up
  3. Feel So Fine
  4. I Got Love
  5. I`m OK
  6. Time Lapse
  7. Sweet Love
  8. When I Was Young
  9. Lonely Night
  10. Love in Color
  11. Fire
  12. Eraser
  13. Time to Walk through Memories (CD Only)

It’s gonna be a post that shows my rambling of how awesome this album is, so I’m going to apologize first.

I Got Love is the pre-release song for this album. The song is not really my cup of tea but the MV and the genre of this song, an R&B mid-tempo sound, successfully show me that Taeyeon, Leader of Girls’ Generation is truly a versatile singer.

Fine is the title track for this album, though I bet that Taeyeon may find it a lil’ bit hard to choose a title track cause every song in the album deserve an attention. It starts with an acoustic guitar and has that folksy feeling and from mid to end, the track is full with Taeyeon’s high voice . Overall the song is nice and has that public friendly tune that could win over public attention.

Cover Up is a catchy electro-pop song that will be fun to dance along in your home. The ballad song Love in Color is a song that blend nicely Taeyeon’s powerful voice and the piano instrument.  Eraser is a unique song featuring Taeyon’s rap in the middle of the song, you literally can tap your feet and fingers through the song. Time Lapse has that rock&ballad-ish feeling that i love to hear. Taeyeon’s voice feels so sweet and out of world especially in this song. It will be a powerful and hard song to sing in live performance but i really, really want to hear it live even just for once.  These four are my ultimate bops from the album.

I’m Ok, Lonely Night, and Sweet Love are songs that would really suit cafe, so restauran-able and blend really well with the background. Feel So Fine is an energetic songs which is great to start your day. When I Was Young and Time to Walk through Memories are ballad songs with sad vibes that will make you a little emotional. Fire is a nice love song with cheesy lyrics (for me), but could be really sweet for everyone who sought sweet lyrics.

Overall, My Voice is a visually great album full of nice and catchy songs that whispering cutely in your mind to buy them physically (I’m considering it myself). It’s an awesome album with heterogenous genres to fit your mood. My all time favorite track is Eraser, what’s yours?

Happy listening, you can buy the album digitally on ITunes or Melon. Hurry up! 🙂


Drama of 2016


Hello bloggy and Zombies out there!

I know it’s so outdated to talk about Drama of 2016. (where have you been nci hello?). But my fingers are itching to write about it anyway. 2016 was a hella hectic year in every aspects, be it my life comedy-drama  or Korean Drama, thank God i survived :).

I’ve gotten questions about Korean Drama and Netflix i watched and some ask my recommendation. My answer for everyone who loves thriller is The-Forever-Intriguing Signal of tvN. If you’re asking for Sageuk, i’ll recommend Taejong’s Six Flying Dragon of SBS. Those two and Black Mirror pretty much sums up 2016.

  • Signal is tvN’s time-bendy cop thriller. The main cast are Jo Jin-woong ahjussi, Kim Hye-soo, and Lee Je-hoon. It’s a drama that filled with desperate voice of a righteous cop detective, Lee Jae-Han (JJW) over the transmission of walkie-talkie in parallel time with a young (handsome&cute :p) cop, Park Hae-young (LJH). Kim Hye-soo is a detective with fate entangled with the two detectives from the past and present. A premise that a lil’ bit similar with Frequency (2000), but as you dive further into the drama, you’ll find a real life murder and serial killer stories that actually happened in South Korea.
  • Six Flying Dragons, it’s a story about six people (and friends) who’s sick of Goryeo and tried to change the dynasty then establish the Joseon Dynasty. It decipher the ideological and political conflict between Yi Bang-woon (YAI) and Jung Do-jeon (KMM). The main cast are Yoo Ah-in, Kim Myung-min, Shin Se-kyung, Byun Yo-han, Yoon Kyu-sang, and Chun Ho-jin.
  • I’m going to emphasize the final episode of Black Mirror Season 3 because that is da bomb. Yuhuuu! Hated in The Nation is about a murder mystery that happened in Britain. It perfectly depict the true human nature trough the technology and the ugly side of social media. It shows how the internet has enabled and accelerated public opinion and judgment…..in a bad way (the only way it can be helped is to rebuilt the system wholly, optimistic me think that internet is still a young baby so we can systemically change it). In scientific side, the cutie auto-Bees are frightening but beautiful. Low-key it’s an awful story of psycho programmers who has been rejected by his love interest. Overall it’s an entertaining and thoughtful series.

I lost my interest halfway of watching Mr. Robots Season 2. I don’t know why maybe just the spark has long gone? Dunno. Rami is still cute, though. I’m going to review Mrs. Cabby and Holmes later (it’s 2017, anyway).

So many real life drama that happened in 2016. Makjang ones like  Brexit or US presidential election left me an open question about how actually the humanity works in real life. Another ones like terror in Europe big cities, Mosul, Rohingnya, refugee crisis, and many more.

Pilkada in every corner of Indonesia left a divided opinion from the citizen, especially Pilkada DKI Jakarta (for the second round everyone fighting!^^). Actually it’s not a comically absurd drama because, yeah, it’s Indonesia. Nothing is absurd in here, it’s kind of sad. Criticism and hateful comment are a different essence but many don’t even know the difference and their limit (kalo kata bapak saya, orang-orang jadi ngablu dan unsensible, soalnya nggak semua bisa  diatasnamakan kebebasan berpendapat). On a side note, Kabupaten Bekasi is almost going to have a singer and concert producer as a Wabup (Gandi tweeted many concerned tweets about it HAHAHAHA).

I’m having many internal discussion with my self about humanity nowadays. Kata bapak wajar kok begitu, namanya manusia. Yang penting jangan lupa ibadah sama berbagi kebaikan. Oke sekian dari nci buat hari ini. Wish you all a bright day!^^


Well, it’s decided that Signal and W will have a long battle (with Entourage and The Good Wife, i wish) in this year-end Drama Award. This is going to be a full blast yeay!

Signal is still my favorite goosebump-inducing drama, with every episode left me hanging and wondering………is my fave detective-after-Mr.Holmes still alive? and WHYYYYYYY Lee JeHoon Y R U SO OMURICE????? (I’m sorry).


W is climbing up my lovelytowatch-korean-drama-list, I’m so done with Lee JongSuk wink! Ah, writer-nim is the one who create Nine, so I’m going to put my faith in her. (Semoga nggak berakhir kayak YongPal ya!)

original (6).jpg

Entourage…………….masih gatau sih mau ngomong apa berhubung belom tayang juga. Udah baca-baca dikit recaps serial Amerikanya sih. Kayanya lumayan patut ditunggu. I’m going to keep an eye (or two) for this one becauseeeeee my fave Jo Ahjussi will be the main cast yeay!

Abis itu nci masih nungguin Mirza atau Rere buat Mr. Robot Season 2 (Siapa lagi yang mau download kalau bukan mereka, da enci mah apa atuh). Trailer seems fun, so it’s gonna be  a nice hit lalalalala. Rami mukanya makin kaya orang yang lagi ‘high?high!’ but it makes my expectation higher and my ghostly spirit to read Coding For Dummies grow stronger…..should i hit Gramedia?


Nanti kalo sidang nci sudah terjalani (dengan baik dan tanpa drama :p Aaamin! Doakan ya!^^) dan hidup ini sudah mencapai kesetimbangan, mungkin nci akan mencoba memberi spoiler-spoiler semriwing tentang beberapa drama tahun 2016 ini. Dan mungkin juga komen drama-drama di Liga Inggris tahun musim pertama 2016, karena sepertinya 2016 akan menjadi tahun penuh drama (Brexit………….Trump……..South China Sea…….etc).

Nci dengan segenap hati mengucapkan selamat berjuang buat semua orang yang sedang menjalani hidupnya, semoga tidak terlalu banyak bumbu drama ya! Ppyonggg! 🙂